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Letter: Leave Canfield's name on the book awardTo the editor:To the Vermont Board of Libraries:Built in 1829, the Arlington Community House was the homestead of the Canfield family and was deeded to a Board of Directors in 1948 by author, Fisher, to serve the communities of Arlington, Sandgate, and Sunderland. The house is open, free of charge, for use by community groups for meetings and other functions. It also serves as a home for Burdett Commons, a youth oriented program.The Board of Directors is dismayed that Fisher's name may be taken off the book award. We recognize that historically, while many of our early Presidents were slave owners, and we deplore that aspect of their lives, we do not think that totally takes away from their vast contributions to the growth and development of our democracy. On a different level, Fisher's possible links to the eugenics movement in the early 20th century should never be condoned, but at the same time should not totally detract from her many contributions as an author and a resident of the Arlington, Vermont community. Her social activism is well documented: she did war relief after World War I, served on the Vermont Board of Education advocating for improvement in rural public education, as well as working to end anti-semitism.The town of Arlington recognizes Fisher in that the elementary school is named after her. We doubt that should be changed. We are proud of Dorothy Canfield Fisher not only as a Vermont author, but also for her many societal contributions. Therefore we believe she should remain connected on the book award. We hope the Library Board will continue to recognize Fisher's accomplishments with the award each year.Charles Webster, President Arlington Community House Board of DirectorsArlington


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