White's Fuel Stop reopens

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DANBY — After a nine-month hiatus, White's Fuel Stop in Danby has reopened.

White's Fuel Stop started as a family affair in 1999 when Lawrence White purchased the property that is conveniently located on Route 7 with Manchester to the south and Rutland to the north.

Originally, the property was a car repair shop that sold gasoline but, with help from his grandson, Larry White, Lawrence turned the place into a store that sells subs, pizza, gasoline and other roadside necessities.

After Lawrence passed away in April 2015, Larry, manager of The Fuel Stop, kept the business open until 2018, when he temporarily closed it.

Larry White urged his father, Martin White, to reopened The Fuel Stop in May after he inherited it.

"He wanted me to get it reopened," Martin said. "Business has been good since we reopened."

"We get a lot of locals and we want to thank all the locals for their support," Larry said. "I have people coming down from Rutland and up from Manchester."

"We've sold over 1,000 subs since we've opened," Larry said.

Larry's wife, Kimberly White, and Martin's wife, Linda White, both work in the deli and help out where ever else they are needed.

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"We sell 90 Octane Super ethanol free. It's kind of unique Not many other stores carry it," Larry said.

"It's used for snowmobiles, riding lawn mowers, chain saws, ATV's, anything with small engines."

"We also sell regular gas, diesel, and off-road diesel for logging equipment," Larry said.

Since reopening in May, Martin said, "I don't think anything has changed except I own it instead of my father."

While Martin never worked with his father at the Fuel Stop, he did work for him as a logger and continued to log after his father opened the store.

"We logged all over Vermont," Martin said.

According to Martin, for the three months prior to the reopening, he was busy getting the store ready.

Now, he said, "I do whatever has to be done. If there's a problem, I figure it out."

"It's been slowing down," Martin said referring to the glitches that can occur when a business starts up again. "I hope we've got it under control."

The hours of operation for White's Fuel Stop are Monday through Saturday 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.


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