Wells: A nightmare scenario

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At the moment, The United States is a sick nation. Not only with a pandemic running rampant from coast to coast but with a toxic divisiveness that is infecting just about every facet of American lives. Distrust. Anger. Rabid language. Tragically, even violence. During a campaign season, "picking sides" is normal. However, claiming the other side to be un-American - the enemy to be crushed - is where we are today. Whether you agree with him or not, "the Divider in Chief" (President Trump), has unceasingly trained his blow torch of rhetoric directly on the flames.

So with this backdrop, here's a futuristic "conspiracy theory" about where everything related to Trump might be headed. Possible? Who knows. But as time goes by, it seems to be more and more plausible.

Our POTUS's poll numbers have been sagging seriously for weeks - after remaining implausibly steady for years. America's Coronavirus reality does not look like it's going to "go away miraculously" before the election. Shifting sentiments from the Black Lives Matter movement will continue to fester, for legitimate reasons. The national economy does not look like it's ready for a "V" recovery any time soon. And at every turn, our national leaders would rather sow chaos and vitriol than work together to solve issues facing the whole country.

The nightmare, part one: As Trump's poll numbers slip from "yellow" to "red," we should realize The Donald is not the kind of person who would ever put himself in a position to lose. He will read the tea leaves. And he will resign in October. In so doing, he'll also blame a collection of "others" for his decision and announce a new journey - the creation of "Trump Media,"which will roll out in early 2021. Bank-rolled by others (like the Sinclair Network folks), he'll siphon off talent from Fox News (Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson),

Breitbart and other sources. Trump Media will be delivered by The Internet - rather than be tied to network/cable TV regulations. QAnon will have a prime time hour. And to make sure the next President receives no comfort, Trump will continuously trumpet division, hate and his own well-honed brand of "fake news."

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Michael Pence will take over the Presidency when Trump resigns. But by then, it will probably be too late to change ballots, so he will simply be a lame duck leader until the new President is sworn in early in 2021. Before Pence leaves, he will execute one last act - to issue pardons for Donald Trump and Trump's entire family. (How can he do this, if they haven't been accused of a crime yet? You just watch.) Gone will be a President who - at last count - has issued over 18,000 "falsehoods" since being elected in 2016 and pitted all of us against each other.

But here's the rub. He won't be going away. Because the new Trump Media Network will continue to spew acid and hatred, making any serious effort of national

reconciliation extraordinarily difficult for those taking over the helm. Pop!" Oh my gosh! I've just woken up from a horrible dream. This can't happen, can it?

Bob Wells is a resident of

South Londonderry.


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