Welch: The time for paid family leave is now

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To the Editor:

Representative Sullivan,

What's the deal?

Why did it fail?

What does it cost for a no vote?—

Your explanation is insufficient.

I had written something else for this space—

A pointed declaration of my anger with last week's proceedings at the statehouse—

Submitted it even—

But my indignation had the quality of an old man yelling at the clouds.

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Except, that I am not old, and also not so young.

And I know that yelling at the clouds rarely changes the weather.

You may run for auditor—

And lose for all we care.

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You may run again for representative—

But when the wind finally shifts—

And a people's campaign emerges

With its painted cardboard signs and anxious bodies—

Laboring under a cruel system of this or that—

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Or none and more none—

I hope that the memory remains of the mechanisms

By which human decency is nickeled and dimed—

For what?


No, thanks.

Our community deserves mandatory paid family leave now.

Conor Welch,

East Dorset


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