Letter: Tourism industry doesn't provide livable wages


To the editor:In regard to the recent article about what town leaders have planned for 2019 and what their focuses are for our town, there are a few thoughts that come to mind.All these leaders want to draw younger people and families to the area but how do they expect that to happen if we focus on a tourist and service-based industry.The tourism industry doesn't allow enough higher paying, middle-class level jobs to support a family.An amusement park might have 30 employees, but only a handful of those are paid enough to support a family with. Not to mention that we already have a constant need of lower level retail and service workers.Unless you're one of the lucky few, you either have to own a business or drive an hour out of town to make a reasonable living that is considered middle class.I love our town though and was thrilled to see downtown bustling with activity over the holiday week.Tyler GebhardtManchester



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