Three questions

To the Editor: As communication takes place regarding the request for additional funding for Mark Skinner Library, my mind began to thread the request with a story written many years ago by Leo Tolstoy. Tolstoy's story deals with three questions: "Who is the most important person? What is the right thing to do? And When do I do it?" I would like our community to think of applying Tolstoy's moral questions to the library's present request.

Who is the important person? Our present day children, our next generation, are the most important ones for they shall be tomorrow's learned leaders facing cognitive challenges.

What is the important thing to do? Listen and look to the needs of our children as their parents, teachers and caregivers search for ways to open the minds of the children entrusted to them, as they prepare the children to meet future global invitations.

When do we do this? Now, as we prepare to attend the 2014 Town Hall Meeting on Saturday, March 1 at Manchester Elementary Middle School and vote YES for the Mark Skinner Library appropriation.

In conclusion, over the many years of teaching my children as well as the children of others, I know first hand the cost of educating all ages.

Literacy is priceless, as it enriches a cultural base for our present and future citizens. Finally, I would be remiss if I did not mention the book, which assisted me in providing the thread, which joined Tolstoy's story with MSL needs. It is entitled The Three Questions written by Jon J. Muthfound, of course in Mark Skinner Library.

Marie Sossi Manchester


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