Tesselaar: We are leaving our kids a terrible mess

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To the Editor:

Vermont prides itself on caring about the environment but we are doing a lot of damage, it is not just about solar panels and windmills.

It seems that most people are not aware of the fact that only 9 percent of plastic is being recycled. The governor has done nothing to warn the public.

Plastic ends up in the ocean and our landfills are overflowing it will not dissolve.

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The super markets are still giving out free single use plastic bags and people walk out with huge packages of bottled water.

It is so cheap to buy reusable bags, we should all have them in our car at all times.

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Bottled water is expensive and terrible for the environment, I am using a "Pur filter"on my tap and replace it every 3 months. It works great and is much cheaper.

Also if you do buy bottled water at least buy a big container not small bottles.

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Instead of plastic bags ask for paper bags (trees grow back, plastic lasts forever).

We have a responsibility to our kids and grandkids who will be left with a terrible mess.

Marjo Tesselaar,

Manchester Center


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