Senior Bulletin Board: Changes coming to your phone

Summer is coming to an end; days are getting shorter (ugh!) and nights are cooler. Leaves are beginning to turn, and soon we will be raking them up, arranging for them to be taken away; so it's time to think about other things that need to be done in the upcoming weeks/months.

Here are things on my "to-do" list (maybe they are on your "to-do" list as well):

- ABC News has said that pumpkins are in shorter supply this year, so best you get yours soon if you plan to use a few to decorate your house this season.

- It's time to think about a flu shot — I understand there is a version now aimed at those of us who are over 65 — ask your pharmacist or your doctor.

- Daylight Savings time will end on Sunday, Nov. 5. That means it's time to put fresh batteries in your smoke alarms. It's probably a good idea to buy a few batteries while you are thinking about it? By the way, Daylight Savings time will return March 8, 2018.


The people at the AT&T store in Bennington are telling me that by the end of the year, we will all have to include the area code for all calls, even within the 362- exchange. I have a new phone and a new number, and people are telling me that calling me now from their 362- exchange is a long distance call. That's not a problem if you have unlimited long distance calling, but for those who don't, it's a challenge. Perhaps it's time to get a new plan? Get ready!

Keeping up with the new technology is a real challenge for many of us. I stopped in at the Manchester Community Library last week to ask Jackie whether MCL might be considering a workshop/program to "train" us in the social media — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. There's nothing in the works yet, but Jackie gave me two websites that we might find helpful and, with her permission, I am including them here — and

Don't forget: The Council on Aging will have a representative at the Manchester Town Office to see you, by appointment, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. on the first Wednesday of the month, for help with applications for 3Squares (food stamps), fuel assistance, long-term planning etc. Call the Senior Helpline at 800-642-5119.

As far as I know, all of the "Meals" programs will be returning to their regular schedule within the next month or so. I will try to do a round-up of all of them for you and should have that ready for you soon.



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