Reality Check: The Unhappy Democrats

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The great impeachment fiasco should be about over by the time this column is printed. The impeachment itself has nothing to do with any alleged crime attributed to Pres. Trump. It has everything to do with the unwillingness of the Democrat party to accept the results of the 2016 election. This is only the second time in our history that the losing party refused to honor the national Constitution and accept their loss. The other time was in 1860 (when the losing party was also the Democrats) and eleven states tried to leave the union rather than remain loyal to a government headed by Abraham Lincoln. The war that followed established that no state for whatever reason can ever withdraw from being a United State.

The 2016 election was a close one in terms of popular votes, and it is true that Pres.

Trump got only 46 percent of the votes cast. Mrs. Clinton got 48 percent of the votes. Because the popular votes for Mrs. Clinton were concentrated in only three or four states Mr. Trump was able to win enough other states to get the electoral votes needed for election. The Democrats refusal to accept this result, even though it was 100 percent Constitutionally proper, and decided to do all they could to prevent the new President from having a fair chance to lead the country.

In the 20th century there were several presidents elected with less than 50 percent of the popular votes. The most severe examples of this were Woodrow Wilson in 1912 who got only 42 percent of the votes cast, Richard Nixon in 1968 got only 43 percent, and Bill Clinton in 1992 got only 43 percent. All of these men went on to have very successful administrations because the losers did not go into a rage and devote all their energy to attempt to prevent the President from governing.

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They were loyal citizens who chose to obey the Constitution and allow the system laid down by the founders to function normally.

Today's Democrats are ignoring the hundreds of years of precedents that have made our democracy successful. Every accusation they have made against the President so far has proven false. The Mueller Commission spent two years and endless dollars trying to find a presidential crime of any kind. When the Muller report was made public the result was clear. No Russian collusion, no presidential misconduct that merited any further action.

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Today's Democrats would have us believe that they possess some secret fund of information that will justify removing the President from office. They have told this lie for almost three years. What have they produced to back it up? Absolutely nothing.

Today's Democrats predicted in 2016 that the President's policies would collapse the American economy and a severe recession was inevitable. Check the stock market figures, the employment figures and the improvements in the wages of blue collar workers to see how that prediction worked out.

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Today's Democrats claim that the President is a war monger and risks the start of WW III daily. In reality he has committed fewer troops overseas than any president since Herbert Hoover.

Today's Democrats accuse the President of being a stooge for the Russians, but no president has ever put as many economic sanctions on Russia as Pres. Trump. He has not drawn any 'red lines in the sand' and ignored them. Instead, he has made it very clear to any potential enemies that if they actually harm our people, it is at their peril.

His two favorite former presidents are Andrew Jackson and Theodore Roosevelt. The first one gets credit for being the first president to be a true champion of all of the people, not just the aristocracy. The other one is famous for using his 'bully pulpit' to champion economic reforms at home and American strength abroad. Today's Democrats will do well to get over their disappointment with 2016 and start to return to their once upon a time role as loyal Americans.

Weiland Ross writes a regular column for the Journal.


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