Police bring charges in safe theft


MANCHESTER — Last May many people watched a security camera video of a man stealing a safe from the Seasons Restaurant in the early morning hours.

In addition to the safe, about $1,000 was taken and damage was done to a doorway.

At the time, Manchester Police Detective Abigail Zimmer thought she knew who the thief was but she already had that guy in jail on another burglary charge.

"I recognized him, but I thought he was still in jail," Zimmer said.

A month later, the man she thought was in jail was arrested and charged with stealing a car in Dorset. That's when she went back and looked at the video again.

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Sure enough. She had her man, but she had to prove it.

She did just that, finding through her investigation that the guy she thought was in jail, Reynald Carey, 28, of Pownal had just been released two days before the burglary took place.

Carey might have escaped detection except, police say, he took a car in Dorset without the owners' permission. Carey was arrested in relation to that theft and is currently sitting in jail.

That's where Zimmer found him recently to deliver the bad news in the form of charges of burglary, grand larceny and unlawful mischief related to the Seasons Restaurant heist.

Zimmer said her investigation included getting a warrant for the data from his GPS monitoring device he was wearing as part of his probation from the earlier burglary. That data, Zimmer said, put Carey at the scene of the safe burglary and she then found the clothes he was wearing in the video in the room where he was staying.

Carey is now scheduled to be arraigned at 8:15 in Bennington court Sept. 30.


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