OpEd: My plea to all of us

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We've been taught about climate change. We've been taught about the range to which scientists and politicians believe that the change is real.

Yet, for some reason, no groundbreaking discovery or global action has made it clear to them.

So we continue fighting for what we know is right, trying to find the light in an issue that can seem so, unbelievably, dark.

No matter how long the amazon rainforest burns, our world leaders sit back and watch as if they can't discern whether this is a climate change disaster.

Meanwhile, those of us who realize the impacts of this inaction try to pressure the powerful ones to react wisely, and fast.

But it seems that no action is fast enough.

If we don't fight for the future of our planet, there will soon be no future to fight for.

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Failure to acknowledge that our planet is dying does not mean you're tough; because right now we are teetering on the cusp.

We ended up on this earth because it can support us, but we've failed to support it.

We go on saying that if we were in positions of power, we would be making change.

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But we are powerful, we can make change.

Global movements are arguably the most impactful, but they are not our only outlet.

Take shorter showers, carpool to work, unplug your devices, turn off your lights.

Our striking means nothing if we cease to follow our own advice.

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But I want to congratulate us, the ones who are out here striking for a cause that apparently isn't meaningful enough for our leaders to press pause.

Pause on whatever they're working on, and start finding solutions to the problem for which we are the pawns.

This is my plea to all of us to not end here but end when we are certain, certain that our house will not come crumbling down around us because we forgot to unplug the source of the fire.

As much as we feel powerless, we can control a very high-pressure hose.

In the words of Greta Thunberg: "if not you, then who? If not now, then when?"

Leah Mowry is a senior at

Burr and Burton Academy.


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