Northshire voter turnout outperforms state results


MANCHESTER — Many Northshire towns reported voter turnout well above the state overall figure of 56.7 percent cited by Secretary of State Jim Condos on Tuesday, the day the state's election results were certified by Condos' office.

According to a Journal survey of town clerks, between 55 and 65 percent of Northshire voters went to the polls last Tuesday for state and federal midterm elections.

Leading the pack by percentage was Sandgate, where 65 percent, or 194 of the town's 295 registered voters, made their way to town clerk Marjorie Peff's office or sent in an absentee ballot.

Peff said Tuesday that she had 33 absentee ballots submitted for the election; in 2014, the previous mid-term election, she received seven.

Manchester, the largest town in the Northshire, also has the region's largest number of registered voters at 3,911. Last Tuesday, 2,133 of those voters, or 54.5 percent, went to the polls, town clerk Anita Sheldon said.

That's a significant increase over the last midterm election, in 2014, when 1,584 of 3,582 voters, or 44.2 percent of voters, went to the polls in Manchester.

In Dorset, 1,069 of the town's 1,753 voters, or 61 percent, voted on Tuesday, according to town clerk Sandra Pinsoneault. Additionally, 278 voters submitted absentee ballots, she said.

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Arlington reported turnout of 56.3 percent, or 1,098 of 1,947 registered voters, town clerk Robin S. Wilcox said.

In previous midterm elections, Arlington had turnouts of 44 percent in 2014 and 57 percent in 2010, Wilcox said.

Londonderry town clerk Kelly Pajala said 58 percent of the town's voters, or 827 of 1,481 voters, cast ballots on Tuesday, including 240 absentee ballots.

That performance was one of the most dramatic increases in the Northshire over the 2014 midterms. That year, 483 of 1,291 registered voters, or 37.4 percent, cast ballots, including 64 absentee ballots.

Sunderland's turnout in 2014 was 47.8 percent, and 58.8 percent in 2010. On Tuesday, Sunderland's turnout shot up to 63.7 percent, or 470 of 737 voters, according to town clerk Rose Keough.

Of Peru's 347 registered voters, 205 people voted, town clerk Jill Braddish reported.

A record 278,230 ballots were cast in Vermont on Election Day, or 56.7 percent of the state's 490,074 registered voters. That's not a record percentage for a midterm election, as 60.5 percent of voters turned out for the 2006 midterms. But the number of voters in 2018 exceeded the 262,568 Vermonters who cast ballots in 2006.


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