No reasonable, humane solution in sight

To the Editor:

I reread Mr. Torre's recent oped piece many times and did a lot of research in an effort to understand his rationale. I came up with the answer that in order to arrive at a "reasonable and humane solution," the combatants need to negotiate - but how can one negotiate with Hamas, the duly elected Government in Gaza when their Charter advocates genocide of the Jewish people and the destruction of the Israeli State.

In response to over 3,500 rockets lobbed into Israel by Hamas, and the construction and use of many terror tunnels from Gaza to Israel, the Israeli military machine has wreaked havoc on Gaza. What would Mr. Torre do if terror tunnels were constructed and rockets were lobbed into his beautiful Landgrove from an adjacent State? Would his only response be to recall our treatment of the indigenous peoples, (Indians), that populated what is now our eastern United States - or would he retaliate in an attempt to stop the attack?

Mr Torres' so called historical facts and other statements can be debated and could be the subject of another letter. As far as U.S. aid, (financial and military) to Israel and their Arab neighbors, I think that all foreign aid in the face of our $17.5 plus trillion dollar debt should be stopped - we are giving monies from what we have borrowed from the Chinese makes no sense. But if aid must be given, we should look carefully at the recipients. We should not be giving aid to governments that have professed a hatred of the U.S. like the Muslim Brotherhood, etc.

Israel appears to be the only democratic State in this area of current conflict, and has benefited by our provision of the Iron Dome defense against Hamas' rockets lobbed into Israeli cities for the specific purpose of killing civilians. At this point in this conflict, Gaza appears decimated. Most of the terror tunnels are destroyed and the rocket supply and launch sites reduced. The war looks near an end but Hamas irrationally doesn't understand this and continues to lob rockets into Israeli cities. At this point there is very little to negotiate to arrive at a reasonable and humane solution.

Negotiations with a peoples that believe that their current existence is transitory, and concludes with a euphoric life in heaven after death, is near impossible. This is why I believe that Hamas continue to lob rockets into Israel because they believe that their only true salvation is after their death. This is also the reasoning of homicide bombers and the strapping of explosives on children. Unfortunately for the general population of Gaza, they are sucked into this final solution created by their own beliefs.

Perry Green



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