No need to Panick: BBA student launches design company

MANCHESTER — "Being under eighteen and starting a business is almost impossible," says Nick Price, founder of Panick Design Co., a company that sells custom hoodies and T-shirts with graphic designs crafted by the young entrepreneur.

And, he should know.

Currently a senior at Burr and Burton Academy (BBA), Price launched his website for Panick on September 19 of this year at the age of seventeen. So, for the time being, his supportive father could be held financially responsible for the business until he turns eighteen, which is in May.

But Price's father has no need to worry, he says, because Panick Design Co. is going places.

It all began Price's freshman year, when he took his first graphic design course at BBA. This led him to an architecture course. Although Price admits he has no interest in architecture, he credits the class and the teacher, Paul Molinelli, for piquing his artistic curiosity.

Now Price is taking Molinelli's third level design course, which lets the students follow their interests. Price estimates he spends about four or five hours a day working on his Panick business, and is able to use Molinelli's class time to further his goals.

Price got his first taste of business designing with Spreadshirt, an online retailer based out of Germany that allows people to sell custom clothing on the company's retail marketplace. While he enjoyed the sketching aspect during his experience, he was not happy with the arrangement.

"I had no control at all," Price says about his work with Spreadshirt. So, sometime in July he decided to start his own company.

In a constantly evolving stream of emotion and creativity, Price best describes his designs as, "kind of out there" and "new age with a brush stroke font."

Price goes on to explain that he didn't start designing "just to sell stuff." He had a strong desire to "create something with a purpose, something that conveyed a feeling."

Panick's clothing communicates meaning through color and simple logos with graphic elements. T-shirts, long sleeve shirts and hoodies in pink, white or black have words like, "LONELY" and "PANICK" written in different styles that Price describes as splattered, waves, hex or graffiti. Some clothing has only designs; like a blue rose, or red eyes with purple pupils and purple tears coming out of the center. Price's newest hoodie says, "Don't Panick, It's Christmas".

With inspiration from Virgil Abloh, a creative designer and founder of the high-end Milan-based fashion label Off-White, Price is able to see his future.

So, what does the future hold for the seventeen-year-old who has been selling his designs around the country for nearly three months?

As of now, Price, who wants to study graphic design, is preparing his portfolio to send to various art schools. During his time in college he plans on moving Panick toward actual fashion design - which means he would design and choose all the materials for his clothing, including the buttons and thread.

Soon enough Price will be legally responsible for Panick Design Co., but that won't change the way he runs his business — with focus, creativity and continued support from his family and friends.

Until then, his dad has no need to Panick.


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