Mettawee Community School celebrates Class of 2018


WEST PAWLET — Family, friends, former students and faculty attended the Mettawee Community School graduation ceremony for the Class of 2018 on Tuesday, June 19. Following the Pledge of Allegiance and Star Spangled Banner, principal Brooke DeBonis gave her welcome address, in which she advised students to never give up and to recognize that each failure is a step towards a variety of successes. She also stressed the importance of being kind, and taking the time to perform acts of kindness.

The sixth graders handed out flowers to family members prior to receiving their Mettawee Community School certificates of completion:

Congratulations to the Mettawee Community School Class of 2018: Hayden R. Bratianu, Faithe Leigh Carson, Nate M. Cole, Samuel S. Cole, Asher T. Cornwall, Megan R. Decker, Courtney L. Ennis, Tucker J. Haynes, Alexander John Hyatt, Haley B. LaCoste, Valerie A. Manning, Emily Elizabeth McFadden, Macey Mullen, Kaylie Myers, Aliza Jessica O'Rourke, Andrea Mae Paige, Julianna Madeline Porter, Nick J.Southworth, Takoda Riley Stephens, Fairryn James Butterfly Tooley-McIntyre, Daniel Jacob Waite and Breanne Elizabeth Weeden.

The following awards for the Class of 2018 were announced:

Annie McGuire Award: Megan Decker.

Mark of Excellence Award: Samuel Cole.

Ruth Kirchner Award (Town of Rupert): Julianna Porter.

Irene Hanfield Award (Town of Pawlet): Andrea Paige.

American Legion Post 323 Award (Granville, N.Y.): Takoda Stephens.

Eugene Clark Memorial Award: Aliza O'Rourke and Alexander Hyatt.

Kathleen Andrus Memorial Award: Haley LaCoste.

Mettawee Community School Chorus: Hayden Bratianu; Faithe Carson; Nate Cole; Sam Cole; Asher Cornwall; Megan Decker; Courtney Ennis;

Haley LaCoste:Valerie Manning; Emily McFadden; Macey Mullen; Aliza O'Rourke; Andrea Paige; Julianna

Porter:Fairryn Tooley-McIntyre; and Breanne Weeden.

Mettawee Community School Band: Hayden Bratianu; Nate Cole; Sam Cole; Asher Cornwall; Megan Decker; Courtney Ennis; Alex Hyatt;

Valerie Manning: Julianna Porter; Takoda Stephens; and Breanne Weeden.

Green Mountain Music District Five Auditions and Festival: Hayden Bratianu; Nate Cole* accepted into Middle School String Ensemble Festival; Sam Cole; Asher Cornwall; Megan Decker* accepted into Middle School Chorus Festival; Courtney Ennis; Haley LaCoste; Aliza O'Rourke; Andrea Paige; and Fairryn Tooley-McIntyre* accepted into Middle School Chorus.


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