Marcy: We're all in this together

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A debate has been held in the community on Facebook, which is detailed in this paper.

While the issue is complex and many of the opinions were shared in the article, a few were shared with me in confidence out of fear of reprisals.

Some of them are heart-wrenching in the way the debate has affected people deeply.

One woman whose family has a second home in Londonderry. They're not there as circumstances kept them in the city, but the debate has them seriously questioning whether they want to continue to have a vacation place here.

She said they spend nearly half of their time in the local area and spend most of their disposable income here. They volunteer in the community and donate to a wide variety of nonprofits.

Sadly, they're reconsidering all of it, and she said that when this is over, it won't be for them. They feel like the hurt they've suffered by the harsh words is lasting.

Just something to remember people. Words do hurt, even if you don't mean them to.

Good news

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But anybody who has spent time online in the past week has no doubt seen happy stories, good news and heart-warming tales.

It's been good to read all the volunteers offering to bring food to the elderly or shop for those who shouldn't be out.

And with people forced out of work and facing difficult times, the offer to help your neighbors has grown into a movement.

Sharon Walker posted that her family of four was looking for an opportunity to volunteer and would be glad to help their neighbors. She said they could assist in shopping, meal prep, delivery or other opportunities in Manchester.

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In another post, an adult bragged on two kids who had devised a method to take orders for elderly people and others. The kids will then go to the store and buy the items and deliver them to the person. All of this without charge or asking for anything in return.


Many people have shared information about businesses that are open or other important information.

Rep. Kathleen James, Linda Joy Sullivan and Kelly Pajala have been posting nearly nonstop to share news from the legislature and state agencies about things from the state government.

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Mulligan's restaurant donated extra food to the Community Food Cupboard.

Many people have suggested that now, more than ever, it's important to shop local. Spend whatever money you are spending in locally-owned businesses to sustain them during this difficult time.

Many people are out of a job and many more will be laid off or furloughed in the coming weeks. Spending money in local stores will help them stay in business until life returns to normal.

One suggestion is for people to buy gift certificates, even if you don't need anything now. The cash infusion now will help them survive and when they reopen a nice dinner out will be a great way to celebrate that we made it through.

We not Me

And we will get through this. But following the examples listed here and finding a way to do your part we will be a stronger community when this event has been put behind us.

We're all in this together. Let's please treat each other that way.

Darren Marcy is the editor of the Manchester Journal. He can be reached by email at or by cell at 802-681-6534.


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