Manchester homestead tax rate decreases

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MANCHESTER — Taxpayers in Manchester will see a slight decrease in their homestead tax rate for fiscal year 2020 while non-homestead taxpayers will pay slightly more.

The Manchester Select Board voted unanimously Tuesday to set the homestead tax rate at 1.7642 and the non-homestead tax rate at 1.8147.

The homestead rate is defined by state statute, but generally is home and land where the owner lives more than 182 days per year. The non-homestead rate is paid by out-of-state property owners — vacation homes and seasonal homes— and those whose property is not the primary domicile such as rental properties. The homestead tax rate is 2.4 percent lower than the fiscal year 2019 rate of 1.8065, while the non-homestead rate is 0.41 percent higher than last year's tax rate of 1.8073. This tax rate means a property owner paying the homestead rate on a $250,000 home will pay $4,411, while a non-homestead taxpayer will pay $4,537 on the same house.

Town voters approved the town budget at town meeting in March. Town taxes to be raised to cover spending is up $69,000 over last year but that is largely offset by an increase in the grand list from year to year.

The grand list grew from $1,176,030,775 to $1,180,257,025 an increase of $4,226,250.

The largest impact on taxpayers comes from school spending. Manchester taxpayers will benefit from a school budget held in check thanks to savings attributed to the merger to form the Taconic and Green Regional School District.

The school portion of the tax bill makes up the majority of tax spending in town.

On a homestead tax bill, only 16.3 percent is attributable to town spending with the remainder paying for school costs. The town portion of a non-homestead taxpayer bill is 15.8 percent with the rest going to school taxes.

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