Letter: Zupan makes case for GOP senate nomination


To the Editor:

My name is Lawrence Zupan and I ask for your vote to be the next U.S. Senator from Vermont at the Republican primary on August 14th.

Who am I? After completing my MBA, having been the director of a non-profit, I entered the world of business. I have negotiated trade contracts with the Chinese before it was fashionable; I have opened the Soviet Union to art exhibitions as business manager to world famous artist Peter Max; I have managed a payroll for my own small business and provided health insurance for my employees; I have set up packing plants in foreign countries; I have worked with three different Presidents' offices on projects which promoted their visions, both Democrat and Republican; I have negotiated the labyrinth of land use laws here in Vermont; I am a real estate broker; and most importantly, I have raised my family of three children here in Vermont with my beloved wife of 25 years.

I have a compelling belief that because of the strength of our foundations, America's best days are ahead. Even more exciting, I believe they are right on our immediate horizon. I believe that we are about to experience an economic renaissance in Vermont. I believe that there are many hopeful developments which will elevate our economy and bring new enterprise here. I will be talking about this subject much in the future

Allow me to ask you this: What individual is the most caring? Is it the one who makes unfulfillable promises in order to advance his career and agenda, or is it the one with a real, achievable and actionable plan based on proven economic principles which can actually deliver the goods?

Senator Sanders has proposed a $32 trillion government-controlled health care plan with no idea how to pay for more than half of it. And the half he thinks could be paid for would require raising five different taxes. This is the same government which can't even effectually and universally provide consistent health care to the most precious slice of our population, our veterans. How will this same government manage the health care of 328 million Americans?

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There is a better way.

Monopolies, be they governmental or crony capitalistic, don't work for the interest of the consumers. They work largely for the entity which delivers the service.

The solution is, in part, to open up the health care system to the fresh strong winds of competition and have the same level of choice we have, say, for our breakfast cereals. Allow insurance companies to compete across state lines. Lower the regulatory barriers to enter the insurance market. Reform the FDA so that promising therapies do not die in the overly restrictive and expensive approval process. Incentivize Health Savings Accounts. Prices will be driven down relentlessly and the quality of the service will rise dramatically.

By the way, unlike my opponent, Senator Sanders, I am not running for President and am committed to spending my full six years as your full time Senator.

Please check out my website at: www.zupanforsenate.org and consider supporting my candidacy. And please remember to vote on August 14th.

Lawrence Zupan



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