Letter: Why do minorities not find Vermont attractive?

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To the Editor: I travel to Vermont quite frequently and drive through Manchester often. In the last few weeks on several occasions I've noted the BLM protests at the traffic circle. I found it particularly interesting that in viewing these protesters I noted that all protesters I saw appeared to be Caucasian and I saw none I could readily identify as being from any other minority group.When I returned home I looked up the statistics on the minority population of Vermont and what I found was despite the Black population of the United States being about 13 percent, and the Black population of Vermont is around 1.4 percent. According to a report done by PBS several years ago some of this may be explained by the fact that, unlike other states, originally there was no "anchor" to attract Blacks or other minorities to the state. As I said, that may partially explain the lack of a minority population to some extent but that was then and this is now.Perhaps if Vermont is so welcoming, some self-examination needs to be made to try to understand why minority groups do not find it to be an attractive state to move to and live in.

Thomas McGarry,

Schenectady, N.Y.



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