Letter: Weiland ignores climate history


To the Editor:

Weiland Ross's "Climate change reality check" in the October 11 Manchester Journal claims that the climate change movement is the voice of "panic driven hysteria." Oddly, he doesn't even mention the fact that the oil & gas industry has known for decades that carbon dioxide emissions were causing/contributing to climate change. The first evidence of that knowledge appears to be in 1977, when Exxon scientist James Black told company executives that scientific evidence already showed that burning fossil fuels was causing the climate to change. A complete timeline of what the oil & gas companies knew and discussed internally, and what they told the public, can be found at www.climateliabilitynews.org/2018/04/05/climate-change-oil-companies-knew-shell-exxon/.

Much like the tobacco companies who spent millions to cast doubt on clear evidence that smoking was physically harmful, the oil and gas companies used a joint effort (the "Global Climate Coalition") to promote the false idea that the science behind the consensus that fossil fuel emissions were causing global warming was questionable, uncertain, disputed anything to cast doubt on the need to stop using the fuels that made these companies incredibly profitable. As with the tobacco industry, the companies cared far more about continued profits than the health and safety of the people.

Mr. Ross ominously urges readers to "figure out who will be richly benefited if we actually do the 'green New Deal.'" By the same reasoning, people—including Mr. Ross—should take a hard look at who will be richly benefited if they manage to kill the "new Green Deal." It's the same people who have for decades acknowledged the cause of global warming in internal communications, while vehemently denying it in public. The only "panic driven hysteria" I see is on the part of oil and gas companies terrified of having to give up profits to save the environment in which all of have to live.

Lodiza LePore,




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