Letter: Urging votes for Browning, Keefe


To the Editor:This election, I will be voting for Cynthia Browning for state Representative. Not because she is a Democrat, but because she is the one of the two best candidates running for this office.Cynthia has served Southern Vermont for years! She has the experience, the education and the respect of her fellow legislators. Browning will vote her conscience and not how her party wishes to vote! Browning also has no problem finding common ground across the aisle.I am voting for Brian Keefe for state representative, not because he is labeled as a Republican, but because he is one of the two best candidates running to represent us here in Southern Vermont. Keefe will not vote according to party wishes, but he will vote his conscience, and look out for us here in Southern Vermont, right alongside Cynthia Browning. These two are the two everyone should support and vote for this November, as they will look out for us in Montpelier and not vote with the majority or cave under the pressure from either party to sway their vote against any legislation that will increase our taxes or not reduce spending. Vermonters, there is a nice person running against these two experienced and well-established candidates, and now is not the time to replace either of our hard working, honest, fair and experienced representatives. Please vote person, not party, and re-elect Brian Keefe and Cynthia Browning to represent us here in the Manchester, Arlington and Sunderland district. Andrew J. TarantinoManchester



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