Letter: Uncivil War

To the Editor:

As a patriotic son of a WWII veteran, I have always been proud of my country and my flag. I wouldn't want to ever live anywhere else. Our history is filled with brave men and women who have defended this country, often with their lives. After all we have gone through, a crack we could never have imagined was even there. It is something which has taken us all by surprise in the most disconcerting way.

Years of political malcontent have risen to the top of our melting pot and shown itself as the ugly skim coat of hatred and racism, just when we thought we were making progress. And, just like that, up pops the most hideous side of our beautiful and proud country. It doesn't seem possible that we can go down that road after all we have endured. But we are, and rather quickly, I might add.

O you can blame the "government " if you wish to. I have plenty of friends who actually do. You can't even talk to them about the weather without them blaming the government for it.Our friendships have withered down to a few casual and short visits. They are filled with anger fueled by the conservative talk shows as well as a never ending supply of false accusations and downright lies on the internet.

So now we are engaged in a great "Uncivil War," testing whether our nation or any other nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure.

That question still remains the same after Abraham Lincoln posed it a century and a half. Can we endure? I certainly hope so. But up until now I would have never questioned it. And before all you flag wavers attack my questioning, remember, I don't want this beautiful country to go down the tubes. And I especially don't want this country to vanish because of the greed of corporations and their complete control of our elected officials either. Remember, a democracy only works best with an informed citizenry!

So stop, look, and listen and make informed decisions. Don't let someone else convince you. Be your own judge! And, for God sakes don't believe everything you see on tv or on the internet. Remember the 400-pound hacker our president alluded to? He's the one who probably sent you that hateful internet message. And by the way, his name is Igor.

William West



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