Letter to the editor: I'm voting for Phil Scott for Governor on Aug. 9.

I'm voting for Phil Scott for Governor on Aug. 9.

Phil Scott listens to Vermonters. He learns about our problems and wants to make Vermont more affordable for us all. He leads by example: He was on the ground during Tropical Storm Irene – literally moving dirt, helping to get emergency services to the people who needed it most and was the only advocate for folks whose mobile homes were swept away. I didn't see any of the other candidates out there with sleeves rolled up and pitching in. Did you?

Phil is trusted by Vermonters of all stripes, no matter where they live, for a one simple reason. He's a lifelong Vermonter himself and he knows we pull together and solve problems together. Not by tearing each other down with false attacks, self-promotion and expensive experimental policies that cost us all – and that leave Vermont vulnerable to economic hardship.

By contrast, Phil's opponent is a Wall Street executive with no experience in leading state government. He's spent $1.5 million of his $50 million Wall Street fortune in an attempt to buy this election. Phil's opponent has only answered to one group of people: shareholders focused on making more money. Not by helping people or making Vermont a better place to live and work.

When I close the voting booth curtain on August 9, I am proud that I will be casting my ballot for Phil Scott. I trust him to do right by all Vermonters.

— Colette Dublois Manchester


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