Letter: The rule of law

To the Editor:

Which side are you on Mr. Editor? Are you for anarchy and insurrection or do you believe in the rule of law?

Aside from the abhorrent question of slavery, many southerners have strong blood ties to the Civil War Their loss signified an extreme alteration in the Southern way of living. Good people in the South, (not members of the Clan or other hate groups) sincerely wanted there beloved General Robert E. Lee's statue to remain in the park named after him. They applied and got a permit to rally in the park for their cause. Other good people in the South with opposing views, (not members of Black Lives Matter or other hate groups) showed up at the same rally, I assume to peacefully vent their opposition.

What we all saw on TV was two groups coming together in armed conflict. One of these groups was composed of Nazis and Klansmen, and the other weren't just local people out for a stroll. In the melee, the combatants wore helmets, there were shields, knives, guns, mace, blow torches, smoke bombs, tear gas, and clubs with large embedded screws- and an automobile used as a weapon., etc.. President Trump was crystal clear in his condemnations of the melee, and to state otherwise is dishonest. Take the time to analyze his words and you will realize that you have rushed to judgment.

The question should be why didn't the local police attempt to stop the two warring sides early in the event - they just stood by. If they felt they were undermanned to do the job they could have called for the National Guard. Nothing was done and all just stood by and watched the horrific display culminating in the vehicular murder if a local young lady. Your editorial goes on to vilify our president which shows your true colors.

Let's get back to the rule of law. When reasonable people object to an object such as a statute, or a piece of art, or a historic building scheduled for demolition, there are legal procedures we take to press our point. We don't straddle a bronze statute in the public square, attach a rope around it's head for the purpose of pulling it down to the ground. Defacing historic monuments is against the law and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law If we don't pursue these legalities, we will become no better that the Taliban or what was done by the Chinese in their past cultural revolution.

Perry Green



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