Letter: Thanks for backing Battenkill concert

To the Editor:

We write on behalf of the Battenkill Grange No. 487 and the Batten Kill Watershed Alliance to thank everyone involved in the Battenkill Appreciation Day Concert several weeks ago. Thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed the wonderful music. Thanks to the bands Bleak Little World, John Davis, Mike Keough, and Barry Hyman, and Luminous Crush for that music! Thanks to Mio Bistro for the refreshments.

Thanks to all the sponsors: A Safe Place, Able Realty, Bank of Bennington, Richard Barbieri, Big Pine, ChemClean, Equinox Agency, Express Copy, Federated Church of East Arlington, Peter Haggerty, GVH, GWC Auto, Kilburn's, Mack Molding, Manchester Hot Glass, Miles Lumber, Northshire Bookstore, Quadratek, Shea Funeral Home, Patricia Trudel, Wayside Store, Lillian Wood, and Woodland Services.

Most especially, thanks to Chris Heins of Luminous Crush for organizing the entire event!

This event was successful in raising funds for the Grange and the Alliance through donations and sponsorships. Both organizations serve our community in different ways, and we all want to celebrate the river that runs through our lives.

A number of people expressed interest in repeating this concert event next year, and perhaps doing several concerts during the summer. If you are interested in participating in planning for concerts please feel free to contact Chris Heins or either of us. We are all in the telephone book.

Nathalie Caler

Battenkill Grange No. 487

Cynthia Browning

Batten Kill Watershed Alliance


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