Letter: Systemic change will come only by removing Trump

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To the Editor,Recently, a friend shared with me a well-intentioned letter from the Anti-Defamation League. It spoke about systemic racism in the US and the need to eradicate it. I agree. However, we have been down this road so many times before and we have heard the same fine and supportive rhetoric over and over, but systemic change eludes us still.As a civil rights activist on several fronts years ago I thought we had moved the needle, yet here we are again. Black citizens are still being brutalized in a society that systematically discriminates and devalues them despite the changes we did make, while the current Supreme Court manages to undo significant parts of those changes.Human nature is what it is. Given license, every base thought and emotion we are capable of surfaces and wreaks havoc. And that's what we are seeing in our country once again. We see it in the wanton killing of Black men and women by police officers sworn to serve and protect and in our courts where justice is harder than ever to come by if one happens to be a person of color. We see it everyday in our Congress where Senate Republicans in particular, turn a blind eye to Trump's behavior no matter how racist and egregious it is.President Trump and his enablers, notably Senior Advisor Steven Miller and Attorney General Bill Barr, are largely responsible for this.But we, as a nation, bear the greater responsibility having failed to find and elect leaders with the vision, intellect, and emotional IQ to enact the changes necessary to combat systemic racism in our society. We have the opportunity In November to remove Trump from office and elect a president who can begin the long process of repairing and healing this country. I fervently pray we have the will to do so.Leslie Burg,Manchester



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