Letter: Supporting James for House

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To the Editor:I'm voting for Kathleen James for State Representative; if elected, Kathleen will serve Sandgate, Sunderland and Manchester. During her recent visit to Sandgate, I was taken by Kathleen's sincere engagement and non condescending approach to the entire spectrum of individuals she would represent.We are a state comprised of fiercely independent small towns. Even our cities are small and rely on the notion of "local"; our 802 area code shows up on the bumpers of farm trucks and business cars alike. We have to stop being "us" and "them" in Vermont. We all need to protect land and resources, improve our healthcare and education systems and earn truly liveable wages.Sandgate, like so many centuries old villages in Vermont is often unknown to other Vermonters unless they live nearby; Sunderland, likewise is tucked away. Manchester, on the other hand, is a well known destination point for people from all over the country. Thus the basic layout of Vermont politics; all rely on representation, whether village or city. It's essential that we learn to get along and work together. That's the premise of Kathleen's campaign.Like many of my neighbors, I'm not easily defined and have a complicated range of interests that affect how I vote. Surprising to some, before coming to Vermont, I spent decades in the northwest as a hunting guide. As an educator and facilitator with an advanced degree, I value my decades of field experience as much as the letters I can add after my name.I'm a firm believer in learning on the job. Kathleen's experience in the business sector, combined with interest in and understanding of the human condition, and more specifically, the needs of this district, come from personal experience and her willingness to listen, to be wrong, to be educated by her constituents.A full-time working mom, Kathleen is personally familiar with Vermont's income spectrum from minimum wage to beyond-survival and is well acquainted with the ups and downs that define and connect everyday Vermonters.Compassionately realistic about the need to bridge Vermont's polarized communities, Kathleen is also unsentimental about what it will take. We have to study our differences with respect if we're to preserve and grow the Vermont we all love. Kathleen James personifies all of Vermont's true and precious values and is ready to stand up for you, me and all our families, neighbors and friends.Clemma DawsenSandgate



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