Letter: Support Manchester and Currier Pre-K transportation

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To the Editor:

At the last two Taconic and Green Board meetings the need for transportation for the Manchester and Currier Pre-K programs was discussed.

Transportation for Pre-K students is important. Some parents will not be able to have their children attend without transportation. At least one-third of this year's Manchester group needed transportation. Currier students also used transportation to get to and get home from the Pre-K program.

Many families have two parents that work. Leaving work is often not possible to pick up a child, go to after school daycare, and then return to work. Young families considering coming to the Manchester/Currier areas need to know there is ample support for Pre-K education. Providing transportation encourages parents to come live here.

Transportation for these programs have been provided for years. No one expects the transportation to be deleted from the program.

Transportation helps meet the goal of having all students attend the Pre-K programs.

In comments from parents and residents, they are supportive of the provision of transportation. Here are some of their comments:

"I have never felt like my 4 year old was in danger being on it."

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"My daughter took the bus to and from Pre-K last year and we never had a problem."

"We took advantage of the transportation and it was a huge relief for me."

"Transportation is a huge necessity for many families and I hate to see it taken away."

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"I'm worried kids and community will lose out without transportation."

"They have provided transportation for years. Without transportation some working families will not be able to participate. That's a huge loss."

"They make five point harnesses for kids under 5. Currier got them four years ago."

"I hope that they are able to come up with a solution for parents that don't have that option (to self-transport)."

"I agree that other parents need this transportation."

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"My granddaughter would not have been able to attend this year without the transportation."

"My child loved getting to ride the bus."

Finally, positive transportation comments comes from a T&G board member as follows:

"My grandson goes to Pre-K in Spain and rides a bus for an hour to school, gets picked up in the afternoon and rides Spanish rail for thirty minutes, and walks a mile to his home. He did it as a three year old as well. Kids get used to a routine."

Please join me and others at the next T&G board meeting at Dorset Elementary School on Tuesday, Jan. 7, starting at 6:30 p.m., where a decision on Pre-K transportation is likely to take place.

Wade Devlin-Scherer



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