Letter: Spiral Press owner speaks on closing


To the Editor:

To all community members, visitors to our town, and all of our loyal patrons, we would like to take a moment to express our sincerest apologies for the very clear decline in our service levels over the past couple of months and the eventual shutting down of the business. Since my long time manager left on May 1, filling the position was not successful. However, even in the absence of a change in management, the closing was inevitable. Over the years, particularly since a national corporate chain moved to town, the cafe has not been a rewarding business investment. I kept it going as a community service and as a part of my dedication to our key local business, the bookstore.

As anyone in the hospitality business will tell you, the challenges are many. Spiral Press Cafe tried its best to provide a friendly meeting place, serve quality fresh made products and do so at an affordable price. In the meantime, we were always wrestling with staffing issues to meet the demands of the seven-days-a-week hours of operation required by our lease. Unfortunately the layout of the space was very inefficient. Making product to order required substantial trained staff which we could not find. Training and staying open at the same time was difficult to say the least. Between continuously rising expenses and a significant monthly rent, it became clear that we could no longer justify continuing to support this business financially, particularly given the time and substantial effort required.

During the summer we struggled with staffing by college and high school folks. Once school started beckoning these people away it became clear that we could not continue the operation as desired, so we had to reluctantly shut the doors with the acquiescence of the bookstore. I am sorry for the disappointments and frustrations we have caused. However, the financial drain, along with the personal wear and tear, needed to come to an end. The bookstore and I are assessing options of which you will be made aware as time moves on.We thank you for your support and loyalty over the past 15 years and hope to see you again at some point.

Bill Drunsic




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