Letter: Right-leaning Journal?


To the Editor:Regards the editorial in the Manchester Journal, "On election letters and editorials," it states "we reserve the right to edit letters for length and clarity as we always do." This may be the case, but this presumes that letters will be published regardless of political leaning to the left or to the right. My experience is that the Manchester Journal fails to publish and print letters it disagrees with. That would the left wing or liberals. The paper is clearly weighed to the right wing and has little or no regard for the libs and their issues. Like Fox News, the paper is Republican. They won't admit it, but everyone knows it's true. I really couldn't care less if the Manchester Journal publishes anything I write. In fact their refusal to do so is more evidence that I am right. No, not right wing, just correct about a right wing leaning paper, the Manchester Journal!Thomas W. KingShaftsbury


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