Letter: Relieved to read Weiland column


To the Editor:

I was so relieved to read the commentary by Weiland Ross, "Climate change reality check in the October 11th Journal. Thank you Mr. Ross!

The true warriors of reason are not the majority of indoctrinated adults and children, but those that study both sides of an issue. Those that challenge the validity of the statistics that are put forth to make an argument. Where did this concept of "settled science" come from and why?

Read the September 23, 2019 letter to the UN, signed by 500 world wide climate scientists and professionals, enumerating seven points to demonstrate "There is no climate emergency". (guus.berkhout@clintel.org)

How did we get to this point? Read "Global Warming - A case study in groupthink" by Christopher Booker.

Let's get both sides of the issue before we put fear and despair in the minds of our children! Please! Again, thank you Mr. Ross.

John Cueman,




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