Letter: Praising Scott on single issue is distorted, wrong


To the Editor:The Manchester Journal is very one-sided on the Opinion page. The recent piece, "Scott stands up to Trump: it's time to walk away," (July 26) is an example. Praising Vermont Republican Gov. Phil Scott for stating, "I find these statements offensive" regarding Trump's "racist" remarks, while knowing he vetoed the paid family leave bill, the minimum wage bill, the handgun waiting period bill, he threw cold water on the legal pot sales bill and numerous other things he has done to harm Vermonters, is wrong and distorted. Here in our state Scott is right wing.Taking one statement Scott made on the national level and praising him, while Scott has done so much to harm to Vermonters is right wing Republican spin and demonstrates the appearance that the Manchester Journal is a right wing publication. There is no place to hide that problem and the paper needs to print both sides of the issues.We democrats here in Vermont are for equal rights and want all Vermonters to be free to find their own directions in life. An example is the Vermont Senate's legal pot sales bill that Scott and House Republicans have opposed. Pot is legal in Vermont to possess and having no legal means to purchase it is harming the over 80,000 Vermonters who use it. Scott opposes it. So, to the Manchester Journal, you can "walk away" from that if you chose. We are a free state and that is your right.Thomas W. King,Shaftsbury



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