Letter: 'Political correctness run amok'

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To the editor:

We enacted Social Distancing (staying apart, using PPE, closing schools and businesses, etc.) in the early days of coronavirus to ensure that our medical providers were not overrun. This social contract was well conceived and implemented. Now, the infection rate in Vermont is low (as of June 4, 13 cases in the hospital for Covid-19 observation with zero confirmed cases currently hospitalized) and our medical resources are adequate to all but the gravest potentialities.

Yet, in many depressing ways social distancing is increasing. The town's recently enacted "mandatory" face mask policy, cancellation of most summer camps, and one-way aisles with plexiglass barriers in our stores, are but a few examples of the restrictions that have come well after the passing of the first wave of coronavirus. And, there is already talk that in-person school and extra-curricular activities will not be in session in the fall.

Why are such massive alterations to normal still in place? Car accidents kill more than a million people a year yet we haven't abandoned cars. Heart disease is also a massive, yet largely mitigatable threat, but we don't have mandatory cholesterol checks or dietary limitations.

I suggest that continued social distancing is political correctness run amok where the overwhelming majority of humanity is expected to abandon all human behavioral evolution for theoretical benefit to the few high-risk persons. Sorry, but that isn't the way society should function. We need an economy. We need recreation. We need education. We need socialization.

If you are at-risk, care for someone that is at-risk, or are simply fearful, take prudent cautions. But, civilization shouldn't be held hostage. Yes, coronavirus is still here. And, it will be for a long while. How long will we continue without a true community? The data I've seen don't support the need for continued Social Distancing. Let's end it, now, and get back to living full, healthy and rewarding lives.

Michael Cooperman




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