Letter: Keep the stars burning bright

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To the Editor:

In the dark of the moon last week, my adult son came in from walking the dog and announced that he hadn't seen the stars this bright since he was a child growing up in Marlboro. Two nights later, I had a similar experience while standing on our terrace. In awe of the carpet of stars overhead, I remembered seeing the northern lights streak across the sky many decades ago, on an August night here in Dorset.

In honor of these clear skies, we were excited to see the Vermont Senate pass the Global Warming Solutions Act (H. 688). As Molly Gray wrote in her excellent column, ("Optimism for a Resilient Vermont") this is a small but important first step in the drastic reductions we all need to make if we want to pass on a livable world to future generations. Let's hope that Governor Scott will sign the bill and join other states, in New England and beyond, that have committed themselves to a fossil free future. At the same time, let's ramp up production of clean fuel cars, solar panels, and wind turbines, and install more electric charging stations around the state. These actions would not only improve human health, they would help thousands of unemployed to rejoin the workforce—and keep the stars burning bright and clear on summer nights.

Liza Ketchum,




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