Letter: James has strong work ethic, listens


To the Editor:

Kathleen James is putting her all into the campaign to represent our district in the state legislature in the coming year and deserves our support. As a business colleague of Kathleen's, I can vouch for her strong work ethic in every regard. She is smart, responsive, professional, and, above all, an excellent communicator.

This last quality is in woefully short supply at all levels of government today. Kathleen listens before she speaks or judges a situation, she weighs the pros and cons after careful consideration of varied points of view. She is level-headed and courteous. She does her homework. No legislator has all the answers, making these qualities particularly important in this divisive age we live in. And she has vouched to seek bipartisan solutions that unite rather than divide our electorate.

Kathleen's own life experiences mirror the realities of life in southern Vermont and what her constituents need - decent paying jobs, the importance of good education at all levels, the value of safeguarding our natural environment, the critical need for affordable healthcare and housing, and the necessity of obtaining universal broadband coverage in Vermont. All are vital building blocks for Vermont's future. Her work with non-profits makes her eminently qualified to grasp budgetary issues and work to assure fiscal responsibility at all levels.

Kathleen has long been involved in her community at valuable levels of participation. I have no doubt whatsoever that she will take all these important skills and clear-eyed thinking to Montpelier in 2019 and work very hard in our best interest. Please vote for Kathleen James as our representative in November.

Kathe Dillmann




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