Letter: James a team player


To the editor:

I am enthusiastically supporting Kathleen James in her bid to become our local representative in the Vermont General Assembly. I have known Kathleen over the years and respect her honesty, integrity, thoughtfulness and intelligence. I count her as a friend. I know how industrious she is. I have seen her at work. I know that she seeks to do the very best she can in every possible way.

Kathleen also has a light side. She laughs easily. She doesn't take herself so seriously that her voice has to drown out all the other voices in the room to make her point.As an outstanding organizer and public servant her preferred way is to speak less and do more. When she speaks she does so clearly. When she writes she writes clearly. She lets herself be easily understood. She eschews obfuscation.

Kathleen is a team player. She treats others with respect. She is not self-serving, self-referent or self-indulgent. She is, however, very self-aware. She doesn't have that annoying quality of making herself the center of attention and focusing on herself when in the presence of others.

Please read Kathleen's talking points on what she stands for. Compare her list with that of our present legislators. Can you trust our current elected officials to support you on how they voted for gun control, the environment, the minimum wage, families with children, opioid addiction, incarceration, broadband? Kathleen has made it clear where she stands. Can you as a Republican or Independent or Democrat trust our current legislators?

We need a change. Kathleen is the change we need. She won't flip-flop on important issues on the economy or make excuses why "it's not the right time" for whatever. She won't have as the only talking points those offered by ALEC or rely on the old-saw/slogan "no new taxes." Kathleen is more aware that most of us are paying attention. She knows that the environment and our climate crisis is already impacting our way of life.

When I cast my ballot for Kathleen I will be reminded of Professor Amitai Etzioni, a former White House advisor, who wrote, "An economy can thrive, at least for a while, if people watch out for themselves. But it has become evident that a society cannot function well, given a self-centered orientation. Our society is suffering from a severe deficit of communities that uphold a common moral expectation for our life together." Kathleen James can be trusted to uphold the common good.

Steve Berry




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