Letter: It's too soon for out-of-state visitors

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To the Editor:

I live in Dorset Village. I am a full-time, long-term resident. Most of us are long-term retirees. First off, we followed our lockdown restrictions to the letter this winter and spring. We are still observing many of these rules ... masks in post office. Dorset Field Club restrictions. No open church services. Store restrictions in Dorset and Manchester. As a result, we are and have been in our part kept our beautiful state of Vermont clean from the virus. We are the cleanest state in the union. We are hell bent as residents and voters to keep it that way.

All right, here's the point. Returning from Manchester on Route 30 at three this afternoon (June 25) I purposely slow at the quarry. There are a multitude of cars there. I observe mostly orange New York licenses and many other undiscernable white license plates. There are people all over the rocks. Picnicking, I gather here and there. Sitting in groups, wandering. Tossing balls. I note there is an entrance guard on duty and is taking the fee and directing cars.

These people do not belong in our area now. We don't know what germs or relatives germs they bring with them. We don't know them. We don't want them here now. This is the blatant show if disrespect and selfishness that erupts in human beings when they find their so called civil rights are altered ... and they are bored by rules.

I like Gov. Scott. Most of us do. But it is not yet time to allow the opening up of our "clean state." I read Vt. Digger and VPR reports on the recent influx of Newfane area swimming hole visitors. I am appalled and gravely (though I hate to use that word) to describe how selfish and self gratifying these out-of-staters are. Truthfully, I am scared of the fall possible resurgence. Gov. Scott, what will you do about this? What can you do? If it comes to martial state law to keep non-residents out, do it. My second-home owner Florida friends are back here, literally laughing off quarantine regs. What are the regs? Post them here all over. Provide forms for entering Vermont, whether you are a second-home owner or a visitor. Keep Vermont clean. I don't want to die in an overcrowded hospital, entombed in tubes and unable to say goodbye to my loved ones.

Keep Vermont clean. Demand better respect for those of us who live and breathe here.

Judith Barrows,




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