Letter: In support of BBA students

To the Editor:

I was moved by Dr Andrew Boyer's letter to the editor last week in which one generation was clearly helping and supporting a younger generation in their quest for a safer and kinder world.

Globally, the adult-kids have done more in a month than any politician has done in years! They have represented themselves brilliantly at their requested CNN Town Hall meeting, they forced Rubio commitments, they got the president to commit to 21-year-old minimum age for a gun purchase, put a ban on bump stocks and have stricter background checks. They forced Florida's governor to legislate against the NRA, pressured advertisers to stop funding the NRA and crowdsourced millions of dollars for their March 24th rally in DC. (And, even got Saratoga, NY to cancel their upcoming gun show.)

Locally, the adult-kids at BBA, are supporting the Parkland, Florida adult-kids by their thoughtful and compassionate organizational skills in order to make buses available for any BBA student interested in taking a bus to this pivotal rally, March For Our Lives, on March 24th. They are also supporting Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students' solid and clear mission to have legislation passed banning all assault, killing-machine guns.

These kids know the NRA has a choke-hold on politicians; they know this has nothing to do with political correctness, that it has everything to do with fairness and the NRA buying politicians' votes is simply not fair or right and now these "bought" politicians, in their total lack of decency and honesty, are presenting a very scary world. I can relate with Dr. Boyer's comment about how organized and concerned this younger generation is in making the world a kinder and gentler place. (While we did help end the 11-year, draining Vietnam War with all the marching and protesting in Boston and beyond in the '60 and `70s, our haphazard, screeching and sometimes illegal approach took us more time to see any results.)

Change will definitely come faster to these bright, compassionate kids and, since I can no longer march, scream and/or spend my nights sleeping in cars, I can at least have these kids' backs. I'm contributing to Dr. Moyer's request in helping any interested BBA student attend this pivotal rally on March 24th. Hoping others will do the same. Please email acboyermd@gmail.com and he will tell you how.

Anne Lemke



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