Letter: In praise of Northshire Rescue Squad


To the Editor:Accidents happen, everyone knows that, but what everyone doesn't know is just how wonderful our Rescue Squad is. Early on Christmas morning, with the snow coming down, I had an accident, missing a step, falling down the stairs, and breaking my leg. My husband called 911 at about 6 a.m. and within 10 minutes the squad was here. First came Mark who had been on his way home from the night shift but decided to swing by to help me instead. About 5 minutes later Larry and Randy arrived, stabilized me, calmed me down, put me on a stretcher, and loaded me in the ambulance to head for Bennington and the hospital. The snow was coming down hard, the road hadn't been plowed well, and Randy had no fun driving as we slipped and slid on the icy road south. We made it, of course, and the squad turned me over to the good folks in the emergency room.It doesn't sound that exciting, but I cannot tell you how protected, safe, and cared for I felt being looked after by the squad. I want to say thank you, but a simple thank you is not enough, for they not only took care of me physically but gave me hope and the strength to go on.So thank you Northshire Rescue Squad for doing such a wonderful job for me on Christmas morning and thank you too for being there every day and every night for all of us. You couldn't be any better, and it is something you should be very proud of.I would also like to thank the many, many friends and neighbors, who offered and provided help and comfort to me and my family during our difficult time. To share this small part of Vermont with so many wonderful people, who care for each other and our community, is truly a joy. I am so grateful to live here and be a part of it all.Hoa CampbellManchester


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