Letter: In bad taste?


To the Editor:At the bottom of your Opinion page A4, you have a heading titled "HAVE YOUR SAY" wherein you state:"The Journal will not publish (writings) that violate standards of good taste, make libelous accusations, (or) ad hominem arguments ..." Now Mr. Editor, look diagonally upward to the right at the writing titled "Parallels galore between Rome, Trump", and tell your readers that this oped piece does not violate you and the Journal's requirement to not publish writings that make libelous accusations and ad hominem arguments — all which violate the standards of good taste. Every paragraph of this oped piece violates your requirements. The first sentence calls the populace, (about half the American voting public) mentally deficient, and blames them for putting one of their own, (mentally deficient) President Trump into office. There are too many items in this oped piece that violates your published principles. You should advise the author in future submissions to accept your standards of good taste.I must comment on Mr. Torres last paragraph which borders on very dangerous parallels. Recently we had a congresswoman advocate assassination of our President. Assassinations are unfortunately part of our history. Mr. Torres references to Nero, Calligula and other Roman miscreants' demises in the same breath as removing President Trump from office is definitely in bad taste.Perry GreenManchester


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