Letter: History will judge us: Did we support our students?


To the Editor:

I remember my days as a Burr and Burton student. I remember the thrill of finally getting to use the senior steps of the Seminary Building. I remember when Burr and Burton didn't have a football team and the pride of being one of the first students to put that jersey on.

But mostly I remember when school was safe. I have no memories of fearing for my life in a school shooting. I didn't worry about which classroom seat would protect me if a gunman stormed the school; I sat next to my friends. I remember fire drills, not armed gunman drills.

Schools are no longer safe. Students should not be gunned down in their classroom. But they are. Teachers should not be forced to use their own body to shield their students. But they are. Our students and teachers should not have to worry if they are next.

Every so often life presents us with a rare critical moment. It is our action or lack of action during these critical moments that defines us. History classes teach about the civil rights, gender equality and LGBT rights movements. But this time it's all of our students.

Years from now, history classes at Burr and Burton and other schools across the country will be teaching about this movement. History will judge us by our actions. Our students are leading the way and its time that we follow and support them.

Burr and Burton should support and encourage all students to attend March for Our Lives in Washington D.C. on March 24th. This is a moment where more education can occur from a single event, a single moment in time than during a student's entire four years in the classroom.

I have committed to cover the cost for any student who wishes to attend March for Our Lives on the first bus trip offered by Sugar Tours. I would like to thank Chris from Sugar Tours for making this effort possible.

Several of my fellow alumni have also pledged their financial support to this effort. At the time of writing this letter the following Burr and Burton alumni have provided support: Vasilios Alexiou (Class of 2001); Justin Thompson-Tucker (Class of 2001); and the Pabst brothers (Class of 2001 and 2002). But we can do better!

I encourage everyone reading this to get involved. To all the parents, teachers, community members, alumni, and local business owners: Join me in supporting our students. With additional financial support we could support even more students to be part of this critical moment in history.

Anyone interested in supporting this effort can contact acboyermd@gmail.com or vttours@sover.net.

Finally to the students, you have already shown courage and leadership beyond your years. Go and change the world; take ownership and transform it into a better, kinder place. Create the world you dream of. You have my full support!

Andrew Boyer, M.D.

BBA Class of 2001

The Dalles, Oregon


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