Letter: GOP should support bills to prove claims

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To the Editor:

The Vermont Republican Party spin machine is going full tilt and the column in the Manchester Journal, "Republican values unite us," by (Deb Billado, Nov. 1) is a sad and rather unreal piece.

It states that "Vermont believe in ... compassion for the needy..." One problem with this statement is that this same group of Vermont Republicans in the House and the Republican governor have stalled or vetoed bills like the family leave bill and the minimum wage hike bill, which were intended to assist hard pressed Vermont working families. The column goes on to say that republicans believe in individual responsibility and liberty. If that is the case then allow Vermonters to choose if they want pot and make it legal for sale. Then it states that the Democratic Party is falling apart and has as a priority the commercialism of marijuana. Both of these statements are false and there are no facts to back them up.

In fact, the Vermont Republicans in the House tried to attach a saliva roadside testing bill to the legal pot sales bill from the Vermont Senate. This test has been proven to discriminate against minorities. Supporting a test that police have used to discriminate against minorities is hardly showing "compassion."

If these Republicans really believe and do what this article says then there should be no problem passing the family leave bill, the minimum wage hike bill and the retail sales of pot bill from the Vermont Senate.

I say put your support behind these bills and sign these bills right away.

Thomas W. King




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