Letter: Firm, forceful stand adds voice to reason

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To the Editor:I take this opportunity to thank you for the opinion pieces in your last two editions with special kudos for the articulate op-ed pieces by Alden Graves.Indeed, the chants of Trump supporters yelling "Send her back!" is as chilling as Nazi propaganda movies Hitler used to rouse his obsequious followers.I feign to think what it is like for the classroom teacher or today's parent of a maturing child as they attempt to reinforce the precepts of conflict resolution, anti-bullying and compassion while our nation's ultimate role model chronically exhibits behavior that is clearly dysfunctional and an anathema to normalcy.His minions in the Republican party are no better role models.Indeed, it is equally shameful for our own governor here in Vermont not to have called out the leader of his party for what he truly is. Dancing around the issue is tantamount to compliance.So I ask, what was it like in pre-Nazi Germany to have set the stage for a racist megalomaniac to have wielded such power? Do we learn anything fromhistory?Again, thank you Manchester Journal for taking a firm, forceful stand and adding voice to reason.Russ Layne,Danby



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