Letter: Finally, a great commentary


To the editor:Kudos to Bob Stannard for his June 7 column, "They say it's your birthday."Finally, when he exclusively writes on a subject of his expertise, it becomes educational and enjoyable.Also, the credits he gives to all the fine musical artists is very meaningful to me.In the same Manchester Journal issue, Mr. Donnelly writes a commentary titled "A nonsensical claim," referring to Stannard's May 17 column.Mr. Donnelly's letter is right on with one exception that requires clarification, which is, "The steady stream of falsehoods or misleading statements emanating from the White House ..." I believe Mr. Donnelly owes your readers two separate lists of the White House's falsehoods and misleading statements.With this clarification, the dialogue can continue.Perry Green,ManchesterThe writer is chairman of the Manchester GOP.



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