Letter: Development would change Benson Road

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To the Editor:

Going from a quiet one lane country road to a two-lane paved highway which would take away private property, cut down trees, move utility poles, add culverts, replace an existing bridge and pave the surface would certainly disrupt and change the character of Benson Road, where I happen to live.

At one of the site visits, the architect Mr. Moore told the members of the Development Review Board that the project would be responsible for the cost of all the road changes to include pavement. At the July Zoom meeting, he was asked if the cost were to exceed the $90,000 figure that was given to them, would they pay the difference. He never responded to the question. Now my question is if they only pay $90,000 and the cost is way over, what will happen? Who is going to pay the difference? Will they expect the residents of Manchester to take care of it?

Taxpayers of Manchester need to be aware that the developer of the eco resort perhaps expect the Town of Manchester to widen and pave Benson Road for them while he limits his payment to less than 1 percent of his project costs. Hopefully our Select Board will let the project owner know that developers pay the entire cost for improvements that only benefit themselves. Apparently they believe we all want to be investors in this project.

I urge taxpayers to join the Zoom meeting on August 5 to see and hear what is going on in our town

Donna Benson




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