Letter: Cooperman's solution is misguided

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To the Editor:Michael Cooperman's frustration with COVID-19 mitigation practices is understandable and shared by most of us. But his solution is misguided in my view.It is noteworthy that the real experts ... those who spend their lives studying epidemics, their causes, and effective ways of combating them, are largely united in their recommendations. But most noteworthy, they urge alarm and caution because of how different this virus is from all others they've studied. They urge caution based on what they know from past experience, and the extreme virulence of COVID-19, but also because of what they DON'T yet know about this virus which combines high contagion rates with extremely serious health threats and high mortality rates.To use Mr. Cooperman's metaphor of our continued use of vehicles despite their danger to human life, traffic experts examine how & why accidents happen and recommend modifications in how vehicles are built and how they are used to mitigate accidents and the damage to life and limb they cause. We are all subject to the rules of the road, and we are all safer as a result.Based on what they know so far, the epidemiology experts are recommending certain new "rules of the road" for basic human interaction ... using face masks and other protective barriers, social distancing, sanitary practices, etc. Just as we won't discard, traffic lights, speed limits, seat belts and other rules of the road because we are frustrated by them at times, we shouldn't abandon the proven methods of protecting human safety and welfare as we learn how to control COVID-19.Edward Morrow,Manchester Center



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