Letter: Congress must pass HR2

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To the Editor:

I am retired from Verizon and now live in Manchester Center since moving from New York in July 2015. I am a senior and I have personally experienced the atrocious behavior and actions of others in this community where the legal system plus the politics have failed tremendously. The state of Vermont is not an ideal place for seniors to live.

But to address this issue, the Congress under Trump that must pass the Democracy for All Constitutional Admendment are the following: (1) It needs to pass finance reform legislation that withstands constitutional challenges; (2) To quote here "we, the people" must take the power in our democracy back from wealthy special interests and put it back where it belongs; and finally a constitutional admendment is in order to restore the ability of Congress and the states to enact commonsense campaign finance regulations.

We as Americans deserve better representation for the people we place in government. Trump has managed to destroy programs that were working and now has placed the entire American existence to a means of poverty and hardship.

I could say more here but from a personal point of view it would be inappropriate to describe my personal hardship and ordeal that I am experiencing at this time.

I have said enough and made my point for what it is worth. I rest my case.

Novella Adoue

Manchester Center



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