Letter: Commentary on commentary


To the Editor:Several weeks ago I reminded you that your caveat prohibits publishing reader's communications that "violate standards of good taste, make libelous accusations, ad hominem arguments .. " Well, Mr. Stannard's latest tome, masked by a specific point is always followed by a diatribe of non-publishable epithets about our president. You shouldn't allow this to occur because at the very least, it is a violation of the First Amendment of our Constitution. The First Amendment is of course not absolute. It guarantees not "freedom of speech" but "the freedom of speech." It does not include for example the freedom to libel, or the freedom to publish obscenity, or the right to use so-called "fighting words" — insults likely to produce a physical or emotional assault. Whatever you decide to do in the publishing of future communications of this type, most Americans know that not everything that is stupid is unconstitutional.Perry GreenManchester


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