Letter: An open letter to U.S. Sen. John McCain


To the Editor:Dear Senator McCain: I write to ask you to do one more courageous thing for our country, something you can do more effectively than anyone else: Stand up and say unequivocally that the Republican Party must cease following the lead of an ignorant amoral demagogue, or it will destroy itself and the two-party system which has enabled our still-young democratic government to survive reasonably well.I speak as a World War II veteran who supported the economic conservatism of the Republican Party all my life until the Tea Party extremists took it over, and their Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell decreed the end of a functioning two-party system be declaring that his objective was to make Obama's new presidency a total failure -- to defeat anything he tried to do, including things Republicans had previously supported. This destructive scorched earth policy lasted eight years.Now it is frighteningly evident that representatives of this mentality have no ability to govern constructively. They supinely follow the lead of a serial liar whose positions change daily, and whose only evident motivation is self-gratification. By historical standards he is not a Republican, but at his demand, House Republicans have passed a so-called health bill which is strongly opposed by every professional medical group in the country, hasn't even been costed by the Congressional Budget Office, and would negatively affect millions of the poor and elderly. It is essentially not a health bill, but a tax bill which would transfer millions in tax benefits from the lower and middle economic classes to the very wealthy, as Warren Buffet has admirably pointed out. It is only someone of earned stature within the Republican Party who can initiate an effort to save it from this madness, and I appeal to you to be the one to draw a deep breath and do it. Alex HoffmanManchester


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