Letter: Actions toward migrants unacceptable


To the editor:I am taking this opportunity to express my concern about immigrant rights. I have recently learned that here in Vermont, immigration agents (ICE) have been targeting undocumented individuals for their labor activism. It is bad enough that we presently have a racist president fomenting prejudice against immigrants. I have read that the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles has been compliant with ICE in the arrest and detention of members of the group, Migrant Justice. This is unacceptable.Indeed, if there is clear evidence of pre-existing criminal activity by undocumented individuals, it is cause for detention. Peaceful activism, simply, is not cause for arrest and deportation. Twenty members of Migrant Justice here in Vermont have already been arrested by ICE. We Americans take pride in living in a democracy. Such authoritarian behavior by our government is unAmerican. It appears that the Vermont Division of Motor Vehicles has been disseminating confidential information to federal authorities putting undocumented farm workers in jeopardy of arrest and deportation.These undocumented workers have the right to express their concerns about their quality of life. As an American citizen, I expect better from our government and department of motor vehicles.Russ LayneDanby



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